Better Late Than Never… Spring Fling!

I’ve been pretty busy all week with work, because I’m a businessman and stuff (kidding). Got a chance to edit some of the weak coverage I got at spring fling this year, so here it is!

First things first. I forget this dudes name, but i cruised to the states with him and his buddies. So a) I’m sorry for forgetting your name and b) I adore these wheels, the wait was worth it, they were delayed coming from Europe thanks to that pesky volcanic eruption. Mother Nature… what’s your deal, we’re trying to achieve stance here, you’re so selfish sometimes.

I’m not one for mirror pictures, but I think we can all agree that this one is acceptable. Moon Caps on a MKII GTI, just because.

Mike Watsons Wolfsburg Jetta posted up, flaunting his euro trunk (+1 Baller Point) and wide stance thanks to some H&R Spacers, V-Maxx Coils and BBS RXII’s. Clean as usual Mike!

Notice a little difference in the weather? I was freezing in the morning and by the time lunch hit I tossed the hoody in for a t-shirt, beautiful day and a great event! Where’s Waldo?

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  1. nice shot of my car silver arrow.. yeah i no the offset was weak just put them on for like spring fling pretty much that moring spacer has been taken out and looks alot better now… thanks for the picture man

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