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Several people daily ask us to run features on their cars, 300ZX’s, Lambo’s, GT-R’s…  Okay, that’s a lie, none of that has ever happened. So, when Matt Budziosz approached us,  we were more than happy to feature his fine piece of machinery.

Matt hails from Toronto (a local for us here at S.C) representing Division R Performance.  This car lays claim to the world’s lowest Matrix. We don’t doubt him.  Some (in comments) do. We’ll have more on that in the near future.

As with most cars of this caliber, he has more than enough ICE (in car entertainment for those not in the know). GPS, big subs, big amps, in-dash DVD… I can go on and on and on…

What we really care about is, the exterior and the stance. Exterior bits of note include TRD spoiler, CUSTOM projectors, carbon fibre hood and our favourite, a 3 gallon Air Horn.  I guess you can call that an exterior mod?

Stance is taken care of with a set of Tein SuperStreet Coilovers and a TRD Camber kit.  Along with XXR 002 16×8 +0 offset rims and Nexen n3000 205/40/16 Tires these combine to give this Matrix a massive drop.

Using the facilities at Droptec Suspensions, the car is measured exactly 1.437 inches from the ground to the cross-member. However, the body hangs a bit lower ;).

The Scraped.Crusaders. love camber as does this car with 4.25 degree’s of camber up front.  Matt has attended 4 shows, not surprisingly to us, he has picked up trophies at each event.  3 for having the lowest car and 1 for best Toyota.

AAAANNND he’s not done! Future plans include a new crate motor, more carbon fibre, bigger amps, spacers among others, and perhaps a little more low ( I still spy wheelgap!) just yankin your chain Matt, car is proper!

With an airtank already installed for the Air horn, Matt is constantly urged by others to go bagged.  But there’s just something badass about running static.

For more pics, keep an eye out for future prints of Performance Auto & Sound Magazine and GR Tuning Magazine.  For a more closeup look, the Matrix will be present at both ImportExpo and ImportFest.

Awesome ride Matt.

15 Replies to “CZero Matrix – Daily Driven”

  1. First off just to clarify… that first post wasnt me sayin my ride is “sooo sick” lol

    matt, glad u like it.

    Thanks for featuring my ride!

  2. wow that low and still all that wheelgap?

    i think its cuz of the tiny profile tires on such small wheels….

    not rly so proper…

    1. Yup, thats JP… hes running a very similar setup, major differences are hes on a 45 series tire and im on a 40, and hes on megan coils and im on teins

  3. No problem Matt. We’re more than happy to feature proper cars.

    Ya that Matrix is balls low too. But I got to hand it to Matt for dailying that thing across the shitty roads in Toronto.

  4. dunno if uve been to cali but the roads here are pretty shitty as well.

    check the front lips… see how fked up they are?….DAILY DRIVEN.
    and runnin proper wheel/tire size combo…. 18s with a 40 profile tire…

    …it just really ticks me off to see people to claim their car as being the lowest while running thinner than stock profile tires on small wheels that dont match to factory specs… along with wheelgap…

    1. Haven’t been to Cali. I just assumed ours was worse given the winters. But looking at those pics, your roads seem shitty too. I’ve seen pics of your car on Stanceworks etc. always loved it. Can I get a nice shot of it from the side? We’re in the process of determining the lowest Matrix.

  5. OOHHH Snap. Toyota Matrix Throw Down. 2-3 people have now messaged/emailed about the lowest Matrix claim. I’ll tell you what. I’ll post some pics up other Matrixes (Matrices, Matrii?) and we’ll have a vote. Don’t think our viewership is all that big (who am I kidding it isn’t) but we’ll do a poll none the less.

  6. Sorry, but that matrix has teh whack. it’s clean, but in no way is it proper or baller. no way, no how.

    *we do not endorse this comment, we do however entitle Jaime to his opinion – S.C.

  7. Anthony… if your lezereder from MO… i do agree with you in a way but in a way i dont… and i have to say i do love ur trix dude… the glow in the dark rims are bad ass!

  8. Even if it turns out that it’s not the lowest static matrix in the world, it could still be the lowest in Ontario or even Canada. That’s still an accomplishment in it’s own, especially being a daily driver and going through a city known to have the worst roads in your Prov. or State. I still say, wicked job Matt.. and the fact that it’s low like that and your front end is still intact.. even bigger accomplishment. Thumbs up from me.

  9. not even hes outside of toronto, and he has alot of competition being the lowest in ontario alone, its a clean car, but .. not the lowest


  10. hey jut a shout to LowTrix, i was at Droptec yesterday 3/8/2011 saw the whip in the shop gander at it drooled on it chilled with Neal, I’ve also seen this matrix sittin pretty on the side of the road by my buddies old place(kennedy area) and them shots over at the city center MY car has trouble getting up the inclines it’s so low how in heck do you get up there lol

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