The Lowest Matrix….Pick One.

For shits and giggles….
More pics^^^ Video^^^
Additional pics not available
More pics^^^ Video^^^
More pics^^^ Video1^^^ Video2^^^

We’ve received a few emails disputing the lowest Matrix claim put out by CZero. SO……which do you think looks the lowest? Being “lowest” is too subjective, so whatever criteria you want to use is up to you.

We’ve provided a link to more pictures and a video of each car. (#1 and #4 share the same photostream as they seem to know each other) Except for the second one….if anyone has a link to more pics, please post in comments.

0 thoughts on “The Lowest Matrix….Pick One.

  1. Everyone just needs to do what ‘LowTrix’ has done and measure their shit.

    Pictures are deceiving. Either way, yours looks the lowest…but at the end of the day, measure your ground to fender and be done with it.

    1. I’m gonna have to disagree. I can’t say headlights and a hood make for rice. Rice is nice sometimes. We’re all eventually gonna get sick of super clean cars with a massive drop and correct fitment. I applaud them for spicing things up at least. May not be everyones cup of tea….but if you scrape, for the most part you’re good.

    1. This is true. Did not want to ask these guys to go out and measure though. So, we’re going for perceived lowness.

      If this is the dude with the purple Legacy….your car is fucking sick. Also, you’re now on our blogroll.

  2. Gord, I knew a pic of your car would come up… but didnt you part out/sell? or something like that? i would have loved to seen your trix in person when it was lookin like it is in the pic!

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