Another Day in The Life….

of a wagon owner.  Need your motor (1.8T) transported?  No problem, we’ll throw it in the back of the Subie.

8 thoughts on “Another Day in The Life….

  1. turbo looks in horrible condition lol. where did you buy this? I’m looking for a transmission and a final drive.

    1. Can’t be too concerned about the turbo when you only need the block and are planning a 1.9L big turbo build. 🙂

      Bought froma some in Guelph. He definately has a tranny and final drive. Want the contact info?

      1. very much so, woulda taken the engine toO! darn….. why stop at 1900cc why not go for the full 2.0!

        1. a 1.9L requires no bore, a 2.0L does 😉

          And ya, the seller was surprised when we said car, and then said “it only needs to be about 2 feet in the air…”

  2. Lol, yesterday as I was manhandling a chair into my hatch I thought to myself unless you’ve used it as a moving truck it’s not a true daily driver.

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