Ain’t That Some S***!

So as per usual, I was browsing the beloved VW Vortex Car Lounge, only to come across a beautifully built ’02 Impreza. As soon as I saw it, and scanned through the rest of the pictures of course, I had to tell Mike how well done his car was. Turns out he didn’t mind answering a few questions, so in true Scraped Crusaders style, I bombarded him with a “few” questions. Enjoy!

Ps. The Colour is Porsche Macadamia Metallic 

-Your Name, Your location, and Your Car

Mike Wasserman. Long Island, New York. 2002 Subaru WRX

-Where did you go to school / what do you do?

University at Buffalo. I work in film production (photoshoots, commercials, shows, etc)

-When did you buy your car and when did you start modding it?

I’m the original owner since January 2002. First ‘mod’ was done a couple weeks into owning it. Taking out the daytime running lights if that counts. An exhaust came a couple months after that.

-List of modifications

TurboXS Hyperflow V2 TMIC
JDM STi Pink Injectors
Walrbo Fuel Pump
K&N Typhoon Intake
UR Uppipe
Tial 38mm EWG
GM Boost Control Solenoid
B&B Downpipe
Borla Hush Cat-Back
Group N Engine Mount
Hasport Pitch Mount
Kartboy Exhaust Hangers
Lightweight Pullies
Perrin Turbo Inlet Pipe
Samco I/C Hoses
Samco Aux Hose set
Revitilyzer Voltage Regulator
EcuTEK tuned by Dave Brown/MSPT

Hot Bits DT2 Coil Overs
Cusco F&R Sway Bars
MRT End Links
Carbing Front Strut Bar
TiC Diff Bushings
Kartboy Shifter Bushings
EDM 4 pot Front Brakes
’06 WRX 2 Pot rear brakes/hubs
Racing Brake Slotted Rotors
Hawk Pads

Porsche Macadamia Metallic Paint
EDM Headlights
6k HID’s
Prodrive Grill
Lamin-X Fog Light Film
JDM Spec C Roof Vent
JDM STi Hood Scoop
JDM STi Fenders w/ Side Signal
JDM STi V2 Lip (not pictured)
JDM Rain Guards (not pictured)
Seibon Carbon Fiber Trunk
Ureshi Rear Window Spoiler
JDM Side Strakes
OEM Rear Lip/Diffueser
OEM STi Limited Spoiler
OEM ’04/5 Tail Lights
Hella Supertones (4)
35% Tint

18×9 +35 Work XSA 02C
235/45/18 Vredestein Sessanta Tires

JDM WR Limited Seats
STi Door Cards
STi Carpet
Prodrive Cluster (MPH)
Prodrive Steering Wheel
Prodrive Hub Lock
Prodrive Harness
NRG Tech Hub Adapter
NRG V2.5 Quick Release
JDM Impreza Aluminum Door Sills
Custom Blue Suede Pillars
Custom Carbon Fibre material Headliner
Custom WRC Pattern Shift Pattern
AVO Gauge Pod
Mad Dad Gauges (not pictured)
WRC Titanium Shift Knob
Blitz DCII Turbo Timer
Pioneer DVD Headunit
Mattjk Screen
Panavise iPod Mount

-If you weren’t driving your current car, what would you be driving… Would it be modded as heavily?

That’s a tough one. Before buying my car I was close to getting an FD RX-7. Since having it I’ve also had a URS4 and another Impreza. I don’t know what my mod path would be if I had another car at this point. I doubt I could ever put as much into a car again as I’ve done with this since priorities are different now. That said I will always be a car guy at heart and will always tinker with what ever I have.

-Do you plan on keeping this car for a while, if not, what’s next?

Yup, no plans on selling it. It’s still a fun car for me to drive.

-Pick a word, any word, and tell us why you picked it (doesn’t have to be car related)

Shenanigans. I really got nothing on this one it’s been a long day and my minds drawing a blank.. sorry guys!

-Shout Outs!

All my buddies on LISC, MSPT, and Willis Ave Collision

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