Racing Simulations.

Sorry for the lack of post the last few days.  Thought, maybe a writeup was in order…..
I spend alot of my time on racing simulations.  I say simulation and not game because the driving environments you’re now being thrown into are used by professional drivers to not only sharpen their skills but to learn tracks. NFS is a game.   There are only a few true sims.  iRacing (video below), rFactor are what I’d consider the top tier.  Project CARS, NetKarPro and Live for Speed I’d put in the same company but I haven’t used those games enough to properly review.

GT5 and Forza are second tier.  I’d liken iRacing and rFactor to Ronin.  True to real life as it gets.  Alex Gurney, AJ Allmendinger, Marcus Ambrose, Shan van Gisburgen all race on iRacing.  These guys are the best in the biz.  Some of whom have been known to run the exact same setup ingame and in real life.  IRacing has a wide variety of cars and tracks.  All of which have been digitally scanned.   Their accuracy is top notch.  And accordingly the physics model is the same.  You can only appretiate the the simulators with the aid of a proper rig.  Logitech G25 or G27, Fanatec or Thurstmaster. 720 to 900 degree of rotation, full force feedback, 6 speed shifter (or sequential) and a clutch.  I pity those who still use a controller.
Below is an extensive setup.  My rig only has 1 monitor (40inch tv) and Logitech G25, but it’ll do.

RFactor is a community based simulator which relies on 3rd party mods to bring the game to life.  Those include the DRM mod (below), V8 Supercars(below), and Le Mans Endurance series and the Porsche GT3 cup to name a few.  Many of which have had direct input from professional race drivers.  A few of which I’ve had the pleasure of racing online.  All of these games mentioned require the user to make accute changes to the cars setup to have any chance online.  Embarassingly I’ve spent hours setting up my virtual car in preparation for online league races.  If you don’t understand how castor, camber and toe affect a racecar….stick to NFS.  I’ll never be a race car driver, this is the next best thing.

Gt5 would be compared to Gone in 60 Seconds (new one) really close to life but some aspects knock it down a peg.  The visuals are amazing, the physics are 95% as good as iRacing and rFactor, but in every other department it’s beaten by Forza.  Which I’d compare to Bad Boys 2, nice flash and spectacle little in substance.  Visuals are awesome, as are the sounds and modifications.  The physics still waddle behind the pack.  Also 95% of Forza player use a controller or that garbage Microsoft wheel, so your arguments are invalid anyways.

Go do youself a favour give iRacing or rFactor a shot.  iRacing is on a subcription based model.  Hence why I’ve only had 1 months trial, lol.   ISI will be releasing rFactor2(beta video below) in the new year some time.  So you might want to wait.


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  1. I haven’t attempted forza but when it comes to F1 and racing series I love rfactor a lot with the G25, although drifting in GT5 it’s so much fun and very difficult, :Dall of them are good games but

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