“It’s just a car…”

We’ve all heard it; friends, family, co-workers, etc., but to those of who are truly passionate; those four words don’t even register together in our vocabulary.

The deeper into this “community” that I delve, the more and more I see that this phrase holds no weight. I would have missed out on a great many experiences without my car; not the least of which is the group of friends that has grown far beyond just my group of “car buddies”. Have you ever had someone on the “outside” ask what your plans for the night or weekend were, only to respond with “I’m hanging out with my car buddies”? Odd looks aside, they never react all that positively. That was how it started for me and our local Thursday night get together’s. However; as the years and miles have passed that group has evolved into just; my friends.

Weekends away, Saturday afternoon wrench session’s at “the shop”, car washes, movie nights, Mongolian Grill, Korean BBQ, dollar drinks and countless other idiosyncrasies unique to this group of car enthusiasts. Without what is commonly referred to as “just a car”, none of those things would have any relevance.

A car can be, and in our case certainly is; more than “just” anything. Beyond it’s most basic utilitarian function, it has the ability to open doors to a community of like minded individuals who you just might find turn out to be the closest group of car geeks turned besties you’ll come to know.

Just a car? No. So much more.

4 thoughts on ““It’s just a car…”

  1. My 17 year old slammed mk3 golf has been owned by both my brothers and now me, its a little bit tired but still does 200 miles a week every week…..much more than just a car.

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