Fitted 2013 Pt. 1

Fitted 2013 was an event the Scraped.Crusaders. have had marked on our calendar for a while.  We’ve been going to Stretch and Poke managed events since it’s first year. David from S&P gave us the opportunity to setup a vendor booth and display two cars within the indoor grounds.  All in all it was a great event for us.  Spent time with friends, saw a ton of awesome cars.  Congrats to the S&P crew for putting on a great show.


We first met this M3 at last years Eurokracy.  It was crazy then, and it’s crazy now.  Soooo nice.

sp9 sp1

Luke’s Bug won the Best Classic Award.  Much deserved.


The guys from Air Society, who also organize the Eurokracy event are the coolest dudes we meet all year.  If you’ve driven in Quebec, you’ll understand why these guys only ride on air.  Watching Ric playing with the heights through his iPhone app…..jealousy inducing.  We then asked him for a Scraped.Crusaders. X Air Society shoot.  We’ll have some proper pics from Dave Morgan shortly.


Our booth babe for the day showing off our tees.


Dave (too many Dave’s) Thomas from  Posting up in his Mazda 3. Airlift look this car to a whole nutha level.


All packed up after the show.  70″ table, box of shirts, banners, subwoofer box, cleaning supplies tote.  Daily driver, hard(ish) parker and work truck.


Our other booth babe, modeling our Eurokracy Kruise tee.



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