On To The Next One……Eurokracy.

With Fitted now complete.  We can focus our attention on Eurokracy and our planned Kruise.  Dave of Stanceiseverything fame has decided to come along for the fun as well.  In order to better plan for this even, we ask everyone who is participating to signup to our discussion forums, specifically the Eurokracy thread.  This will allow us to have a general idea on the size of the Kruise.  We are not doing this for profit, and will not charge anyone for participation.  We know how hard it is to get people to signup for something.  So in order for us to put in a proper effort, we are asking for your co-operation as well.   So if you are planning on coming, please post up!


Since the Scraped.Crusaders.  have been a main stay at Eurokracy since day one.  We’ve decided to setup a booth at the show.  We will have both stickers and tee shirts available for purchase.  It would not be possible without the Eurokracy crew.  Rick, Jesse, Sergio and Kia.  Our plans are to have Eurokracy’s reigning Best BMW champion, Steve’s SR Powered E30 holding down our booth.

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