Spring Fling As Seen by Geoff

Looking through my flickr I realized this is my 5th year at Spring Fling. It marks the opening of the show season for the VW/Audi guys and gals. I don’t think a year has passed where it hasn’t rained, been 5*, or been so hot and humid you thought you were in Florida. Despite that we all come together to see what the winter months have produced. There are always far too many cars to shoot; as this show grows with each year. Below were some personal favorites.


Since Matt stole (his) lens I was using, I used the 50mm and decided to highlight some wheel/fitment selections. Each year things are taken more and more extreme… -geoff




Jay’s FT 1.8t swapped mkIII (which I think he is selling) sitting pretty…despite not having centre caps for the wheels he finally put to use after the better part of half a decade :p -geoff


Butt-er fingers over here.  Managed to drop a soup can onto Matt’s rear quarter.  Luckily the organizers are stand up guys and are fixing the dent for free.  I assure you, we only took these pictures because she damaged Matt’s car  😉 -Gill

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We’re most likely making the trek to Berlin Klassik this year.  …..I will be limited to the visitors lot. -Gill


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