Eurokracy 2013-Part 1

Despite the entire day of rain and the long drive the cruise was certainly a success. We had over 20 cars; which despite being tough to coordinate, was a great turnout!

The show itself had a different venue than last year which allowed for full 1/4 mile runs and a better layout for the vendor area. Personally, I think the Mustangs stole the drag race show (despite this being a Euro event).

As always, we had a blast!

The show was certainly not lacking of some serious cars…

IMG_7293 IMG_7284 IMG_7290 IMG_7235

A few of my favorite Audi’s, from the internet and real life.

IMG_7322 IMG_7279 IMG_7276 IMG_7260 IMG_7225

A few non Euro highlights.

IMG_7307 IMG_7269 IMG_7209

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