Inaugural Scraped.Crusaders. X Eurokracy Kruise

Our Kruise to Eurokracy had a few hiccups, but overall it was a success.  And will definitely be on the cards again next year.  As per usual, I forgot to make the most of it and did not take as many photos as I would have liked.

From the Trenton ONRoute.  We filled up the ONRoute RV parking area by accident.


Scott (bagged e46) and his bagged buddies (R32 and FR-S, above)


Dave, the man behind brought his Mazda3 and Blaire Taylor and the Taylor’d Customs A4.


Jay’s car is dumb.  I’ve never driven a car that scrapes more subframe than this thing.  How his car wasn’t one of our vehicles to break down is beyond me (more on this later).  Dumber still, was our decision to pack 6 people in this car and have me drive to dinner.  4 drunk chicks in the back of a car seems like a fun time……no.   WORST BACK SEAT DRIVERS EVER.


Jay, just get bags.


Scott made it out to the Kruise all the way from London.  Man, I barely made it from Scarborough.


My Subie wasn’t entirely out of place on our kruise.

kr9 kr8

Mostly due to rain, I failed to provide further pics.  I do have this Instagram image from Tyler.  His Corrado hit a bridge connector with some consequences.  …..yes, it’s bagged. lol.  A quick CAA pitstop and he was back at Eurokracy for the event the next day.

And our lineup at the hotel.  After a small detour thanks to Apple maps.  Fuck that app.  Avalon, Rob and Mauncho, Gill +1, Brian and Adrian, Talukah and Bronson, Matt+1, Jay+1, Matt, Geoff+1.  Later on joined by Dave+1, Steve, Mauricio, Dan+1 and Danny and Kristoff.  .  14 cars, 24 people strong for Eurokracy 2013.


4 thoughts on “Inaugural Scraped.Crusaders. X Eurokracy Kruise

  1. 4 drunk chicks in the back of a car seems like a fun time……no. WORST BACK SEAT DRIVERS EVER.

    LOL. Great cruise man. kudos to you for organizing where the rest of us are lazy!

    1. Thanks Dave.

      We got split up there at the end though lol. Let’s hope next year has less construction.

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