Eurokracy 2013 – Wash, Drive, Park

Year in year out, rest assured we’ll be late for the show.  We even woke up at a time that we thought was not tardy. Car washes seemed to take longer than we had planned.  The lady friends got in on the pics.  Good job filling up my memory card.


The cheers before the jeers.  This bridge had some of the worst road crown we’ve seen.


Goon squad over here.  HAD to change tires in front of our booth.


Needed some more moustache wax to curl the tips….next time.


While the best static winner was nice.  I thought this Mazda 3 should have won.

eu2 eu3

Best BMW winner.

eu4 eu5

Probably my favourite car of the show.  Silver, widebody 930.  Yiiiisss.


Not to be confused with this 964.

eu6 eu7

Best Fitment.  Seems about right.  Gold on black.


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