Cars And Coffee: July 22nd

Geoff, Matt and I sucked it up and headed to Cars and Coffee yesterday morning at Bayview Village.  The turn out wasn’t the best tbh.  But it made up for it in quality.  Porsche 911, 928, 997 GT3RS, Ferrari 355, Jag E Type, swapped BMW E28, E30 M3s, Lotus Esprit, 7 and Exige, Aston Martin DBS, Mercedes-Benz AMGs. That’s all I can remember, there was more though.  We’ll most likely be heading back next week.

Super clean 911.   MMMMMMmmmmmm.
cc11 cc10

Ferrari 355.  20 year old beaut.  Still sounds great.

cc12 cc13 cc16

E-Type.  Series II?  Not sure.  Do know it’s not a Series I though.

cc1 cc9

This is the same S54 swapped E28 that Matt shot for PBMW.

cc5 cc2

Citroen Ami.

cc17 cc6

This dude is winning at life.


cc21 cc22

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