CSCS at Mosport. Pt.1

It has not been a good week for me.  Speeding ticket, an accident in Detriot, and pulled plates (still unresolved).  It was good to get my mind off of things.   CSCS at Mosport.  Brian was kind enough to drive.

Still lovin this MR2 we previously saw at Fitted.


After the Chrysler 300 I fender bendered (minor bumper damage), I don’t entirely hate these cars. The 8 speed auto on the other hand?  Horrendous.


I have a soft spot for 4 door R32s.


Doppleganger.  These weren’t the only two.  There were more than Mauncho and this random dude in a black tee and camo shorts.  At least 4 chose this EXACT outfit today.  They all happened to be black.


Bronson, doing his best to hide the quarter damage.  Commendable.

cs12 cs2

Waiting to hit the track.


Was great to see this car out and about.  The booth at the Autoshow did not do it justice.


Horsepower is not needed to drift.  Riley’s hardbody prooves this.  KA power.


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