Busy Sunday Pt. 1.

Cars and Coffee, a small Porsche Cruise, a VW shoot, Seven Automotive BBQ, Meeting of the Mazdas, and the Got Ass Carwash.  Last Sunday was busy as shit.  We’re posting images from the first two events now.

At Cars and Coffee.  I invite Mauncho, But due to a hangover and overall CPT, he missed whats not pretty much his favourite car.  This gorgeous 190 E.

65 68 63

Magnum P.I.  up in dis bitch.

610 69 62

The reason I go to Cars and Coffee is the good chance I’ll see something rare or unique.  I think a Lamborghini Jalpa fits the bill.  Like a dumbass, I only took rear shots.


As this is a week old post.  The owener of this 964, upgraded his wheels….big time.  Pics in a few days.    Oh and it’s actually plated in California.


Then we drove off to a small Porsche cruise/meet in Aurora.

Pfaff Tuning Porsche 997. With a FEW goodies.

67 66 611 615

On our way up to the Possche Cruise we drove past  a huge manor/Batman castle/Gatsby buildings.  Which turned out to be Magna HQ.  We decided it was a perfect location for a VW threesome.  Full images and feature from Matt later this week.


Working at Pfaff must be nice.  Vossen’d S5.

613 612

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