Busy Sunday Pt. 2

So as Gill stated, I was SUPER late to Cars and Coffee due to a wicked hangover. Word of advice; $3 tequila shots are NEVER a good idea. BUT we had a busy day ahead of us and I wasn’t worried about that one meet, apart from the 190E that was there. Anyway, I met up with the boys in Aurora where we started our impromptu shoot with the air cooled guys “West side dubs”. I’m pretty sure Matt is still editing those photos, so I will leave those details to him. Next, was the Seven Automotive BBQ… Free food. Honestly, I love going to Japanese meets/shows; there is always free food. Euro scene get your shit together, seriously.

A very tastefull STI


LegitGraphics’ WRX. I love the decals on this Subaru and the overall style its going for. Probly the only bug eye I like at all.


After the Seven BBQ we headed to Meeting of Mazdas (MOM). To be honest, I don’t think we even would have had any interest in the Mazda world, if it wasn’t for Dave from StanceIsEverything. I was pretty happy we showed up, it had a wicked location and then we saw this MINT Miata. Nothing about it was out of place and the interior was on point. As you can see, I was bent over looking VERY interested in that interior.

636 637 633

Recently I decided to go with the fad and plastidip my car, after much trouble and 6 gallons later. It turned out to be this POS. Overall it does look better then what my car looked like before BUT I do wish I did another color. Overall I’m done with the car and ready to move on to a different chassis, 190E hopefully.


Here we are on to the last meet, the grand finale, the one I was waiting for alllllll day. The GotAss? Car wash. I really had to push the boys to go because everyone has a SO and I’m literally the only single one so I personally think they had to put the blame on me that they attended. Oh well, I was happy. (asses were to ratchet to post- Gill)


This low rider had UNREAL detail from the paint, trunk set up and even the frame of the car. I was blown away at the detail and had no idea that the low rider scene was like this.

627 622








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  1. Them cheap JDM people didn’t even contribute a cent? WTF C’mon Ladies time to get your shit together it ain’t all take n no give. Lols!

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