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We haven’t had a feature her in a while.  How about three cars at once?


I love when photo shoot happen spontaneously.  While attending Cars and Coffee we ran into Luke and his VW friends. We knew we wanted to do a shoot right then and there.  Unfortunately a Porsche Cruise called on our desires, before we could do a shoot at Bayview Village.  It was for the best.  Driving up to the Porsches in Aurura we drove past a massive estate.  We learned it is actually Magna’s Headquarters.  Business must be good when your factories look like Wayne Manor.

We’ve known Luke since his Civic EK days.  I’m gonna go ahead and say he moved on to bigger and better things. We first saw this car at Fitted and instantly loved it.  This was before we even knew it was Luke’s. We even planned on shooting this car at the Tires23 BBQ, but Matt had plans.  Probably for the better as we might not have been up for this shoot.  The best part about these 3 cars…..they get driven.  It may have taken them a while to get up north but there was no hesitance to drive up on the highway.  The same can’t be said for a lot of older local VWs.


red = Luke
Your name, Your car:

Luke Wierzbicki and his fiance Elise’s Volkswagen Beetle.

When did you buy your car, and when did you start modding it?
We bought the bug together last year for my 30th b day, win! Elise actually owned a 73 beetle as her first car before we even met . This has a lot to do why we own one now . But I have always loved classic car and never thought I would actually own one . The car was lowered about 2 weeks after we picked it up and we haven’t stopped adding stuff to it . We always like to change it up and keep it fresh .

-1969 1600cc single port engine with no mods.

-fully restored to original look with bamboo parcel tray and retro sound digital radio .
-6v to 12v conversion.

-Hot rod style front fog light , rear luggage rack , original roof rack , swan neck mirrors , Ford Model T rear brake light , eyebrows , oringal luggage ,fishing rods and net ,water skis , picnic basket and gas tank

-front is lowered on a 4″ narrow beam with adjusters and drop spindles.
-rear is lowered on one outer spline and two inner splines with notched spring plates and Monroe adjustable air shocks with no compressor , ghetto styles lol.

-fronts are stock smoothies and 135/r15 tires with white wall inserts
-rears are 15×6″ widened smoothies with 185/60r15 tires and white wall inserts

Whats next?
-future mods will probably include wider wheel set up and rear fox skirts.

Shout outs
Shout out will go to my fiancé Elise and my West end dubs peeps for helping and supporting my build and everyone who loves this bug as much as I do lol.


On to Patrick’s blue Oval Ragtop.  I can’t decide which Bug I like more.  I love Luke’s theme and extra accouterments.   But then I’ve always had a spot in my heart for ragtops though.  Tough choice. Red or blue pill.


blue = Patrick
Your name, Your car:

Patrick Rapczynski’s 1957 Oval Ragtop Beetle.

-Stock rebuilt 36hp 1200cc (by Previous owner) and still 6 volt.

-Front disk breaks with upgraded to dual circuit brake master cylinder. 

-restored interior to original look with parcels tray and oringal radio
-original/Factory floors/pans original heater channels

-Colour is Fjord Blue

-6” narrowed adjustable front beam with CB Performance disk brake and drop spindle kit.
-rear Sway-a-way adjustable spring plates.

-135/15 tires and 185/65r15 in the rear 6″ widened smoothies with whitewalls. Stock up front.

Whats next?
-new headliner
-upgrade to 12 volt


Lastly, Peter’s 1965 bus.  With 150hp and a few Porsche goodies under the skin, this isn’t a big billowing bus anymore.   When I was a kid, there was nothing I wanted more than a green VW bus.  Admittedly, this is 100% because of the Ninjas Turtles.  This is way to awesome and high-class for those teens though.


Green = Peter
Your name, Your car:
Peter Sipsis
1965 VW 21 Window Deluxe Microbus

When did you buy your car, and when did you start modding it?
-4 years ago from Sault Ste Marie.  Ripped into it immediately. 

-150hp, 142ft/lbs (dynoed to the wheels).  2276cc with dual Dellorto 45mm DLRA carbs, Mallory Unilite electronic ignition, Street Eliminator heads, custom cam, ratio rockers, chromoly studs/fasteners, full flow oil setup, Kennedy Stage 1 pressure plate, copper/ceramic clutch disk, custom stainless exhaust

-944 driveshaft/cvs, super diff, custom gearing/shafts/forks.sliders with longer freeway 4th gear, 944 output flanges.

-2002 Porsche Boxster Brembo Monoblocks (4 wheel disks)

-all original headliner/panels, new seat covers
-converted to 12V.

-polished trim
-Porsche 356 headlight grills

-front: 2 inch narrower adjustable beam, 6 inch dropped custom bus/Porsche 944 spindles,
-rear: porsche 944 indepenent rear suspension, adjustabel spring plates, KYB gas shocks

-fully polished “Early Heart” Porsche 911 Fuchs.
-fronts: 15×5
-rears: 15×6 (deep 6’s) 

How long are you holding on to it?

Whats next?
1952 VW Split Window Beetle


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