Scraped.Crusaders.’ E30 Meet


We tried our hand at organizing a get together.  I thought it was pretty successful.  The main purpose was to have a big gathering of E30s off on their own.  We had the entire north end lot (against the wall) filled up with 100% e30 content.  Mission accomplished.  It didn’t help that a lot of people assumed Roses was closed.  Technically it was, we were not welcomed there in any way.  We figured it easier to stick it out and leave when the cops showed up. Thats more or less what happened.  It also didnt help that most of us forgot to take photos.  “hey, lets setup an E30 meet so we can shoot them all together” …. forgets to take pics.  That’s us.  In lieu of more pics from Roses, I added random E30 pics we took.

Steve cleaning his ride before our meet.

bm6 bm7

We had planned to do a shoot with Steve’s E30s, Ryan’s E30 and this blue one.  Red, white and blue.  ‘Murica!!   Unfortunately the traffic in the evening was so bad, we were all late and the plans fell through.  Sucks not having any roaming or data in the States.


Ryan’s E30 (at Chipotle lot) mentioned above.


Rubber Wrap’s bagged E30 vert.


Polished lip beebs, red caps on white with black trim.  😉  Mine is sans, red caps….close enough.


Loved this Z3.


Stance Factory posting up.

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