My Weekend at OCMD – Preet

I let my girlfriend take photos at H2Oi.  I THINK it was a good idea.  On the one hand she caught some very nice candid moments, on the other I had to weed through many many photos of random crap.  I do like a lot of these pics though.

Caught me in my mobbin pose.


….Geoffs totally hetero mobbin pose too…


…and Mauncho’s.


Scraped.Crusaders. and Eurokracy swag.  We rep our Quebec friends everywhere.


I think she liked this Mustang.


My face just before I had to change my wheel.  I was not amused.


She ended up taking these while I was getting the above done.  Not bad


3 thoughts on “My Weekend at OCMD – Preet

  1. Dope! Thanks guys, yep, I’ll definitely do the same. You guys ever host any events? We’re always looking for new things to check out in the summer time. We’re just over in New Brunswick.

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