Season Has Scaled Down.


Its off season for us.   Not much on the docket.  Dan is working away on his Caddy, Adrian on his motor build, I’m looking for a new car,  Mauncho is shopping for items for his new ride, and a few other things in the works.  That’s about it. Nothing major and no real progress in the last few weeks. The start of winter is usually the lull before the winter builds start going.  Headed over to Dan’s in the winter beater.  The Subie will not be seeing summer anymore, good riddance.  Still dumped though.  🙂


Dan and Geoff decided to build on a smaller scale.  1/24th to be precise.  I sort of wanted to join in too.  But I have issues with patience….I have none.  I’d end up tossing the kits out after a few days of painting, gimme Minichamps and Autoart die-casts over these any day.  I MIGHT end up changing my mind later though.

Dan bought a 993 GT3, Tom Kristensen DTM car and a VW golf.   Geoff bought a Mike Rockenfeller DTM car.


Not a whole lot was accomplished as time was taking up watching Pacific Rim.  Engine components mostly.



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