Longing for Yesteryear.

The FIA announced the other day that the season finale race will now award double points.  DAFUQ?  No don’t give single points for pole or fastest lap, let’s double the points for the shit show that is Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi.  They also scheduled the American GP (in Texas) the same day as the NASCAR race in Texas. Genius.  Who runs the FIA? Rob Ford?  I’ve been an F1 proponent for years, even though I know the product is sometimes suspect.  But COME ON, listen to the fans for once. We can’t go back in time for low downforce, wide, big tire’d, balls out cars anymore. But these retro liveries, liken to bygone years of smokes and retro graphics, make it possible for us to time travel..sort of.

All images produced by CdeB Design.   

Mclaren 3-4FW1997FW15CF310lotus GLTyrrell 1992Ferrari villoRE20 

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