Iced Over.


Iced over.  Toronto was hit with a major ice storm a few days ago.  Power outages (still ongoing for some), split trees, downed power lines, slick roads and iced over cars.  I was greeted with this on Sunday morning.  A nice even coat of winter iced encasing the entire car.  The front doors were frozen shut.  My ice scraper was of little use, as it was IN the car.  Since this POS is now my winter beater and will be driven into the ground, some swift kicks to the rear hatch dislodged enough ice for it to open.  After some backdoor entry, and kicking open the drivers door open from within, I was able to start it up and start scraping the ice.  20 minutes later the windshield was cleared AND cracked.  I didn’t bother clearing the rest.  I made my way over to Geoff’s and then headed to Dan’s.  He was the only person with power.

Happy Holidays!!  Hope yours wasn’t as icy.

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