ThatNager’s CPT E36 “Build”

For those that know me, they know that I am ALWAYS at shows but for some reason NO ONE has ever seen me in a car at all. For ~3 years the boys (especially Gill) have been pushing me to have a car worthy of going to shows with and most importantly, H20i. Well after all that wasted time I have finally decided to “build” something. Now, I hate using the word build because really I’m not building anything, I’m mainly going for wheels, suspension, a couple cosmetic things to make it look different and that’s it. So the first thing on my list was a car, now I posted about 2 years ago trying to figure out what car I should get. It was between the E36 M3 and the MB 190E Cosworth. Obviously due to CPT I’ve got neither and now I have ended up with the MK4 of BMW’s the E36 318is. Overall I am happy with this car itself. The E36 is a completely different feel then any other car I have ever driven in my life. Now that the car has been decided I wanted to go with a theme for it not just stance. After long talks with Kristoff, Steve and Gill we decided that it would be a “Motorsports” theme of some sort. So finding the perfect wheels to really complement this theme was going to be difficult.

The first image is my goal.   Front splitter, hood bra, Autosrada Modenas, BC Racing coils.  Level 1 scene points.


The second being the wishlist. The above plus canards, rear diffuser, big exhaust, half cage, Bride seats, Nardi wheel, and BTCC era decals.   Also battle scars from Shannonville or Mosport DDT.  Level 3.4 scene points.


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