The E34 Gets Broadway Static Equipped.


Having ridden is an abundance of different suspensions setups, I came to realize its worth it to spend that little bit extra to purchase a better product.  Be it bouncy, harsh, too soft, or too stiff I am definitely not a fan of a poorly setup coilover system.  BC Racing was my previous choice on the Subaru.  While their product was great, I chose Broadway Static for their familiarity with BMW products and their willingness to work with us.


You won’t be worried about the coils not going low enough.  If anything be prepared to be really slammed.   The before and after on the rear units.  I believe this is all the way up.  It ended up being a tad too low.  I’ll need a few more inches to be able to drive in the winter.  Luckily I was able to order just the rear lower mounts, with a little more adjustability.  Of course if I were in a warmer climate, this would not be needed.


The E34 front suspenson design calls for the front spindles to be cut and welded to the Broadway Static unit (this is the case with all coilovers for the e34). Its a bit of a pain, but only BMW is to blame for that.  Dan was gracious enough to provide not only the garage space, but the welding skills to get the job done.  I rarely work on my own car as I lack to skills and confidence to complete most of the work.  However, I figured a coilover install was doable with the support of friends, beer and pizza.  All of which were plenty.  Dan, Dave, Geoff, Adrian, Talukah, Bronson, and Mauncho, thanks for the help!


Here’s a great look at my dented rear quarter, missing side light, hole riddled bumper and replica Throwing stars.  Internet scene points, just took a huge hit.


Cutting struts are above my pay grade and competency.  Dan and Talukah wielded the saws on that one.


However, sitting and looking like I’m actually doing work, I have down pat.  Joking aside, it felt really rewarding installing my own coilovers. It gives you a sense of accomplishment.  It may not be an engine swap or turbo install, or something with a higher degree of difficulty, but the feeling of working on your own car was still rewarding.  Obviously, having friends who watch your every move, so you don’t hurt or kill yourself is a plus.


Although I don’t know if that still counts after they are a few beers in.


I wish I could explain this photo.


Credit where it’s due.  Bronson’s car is definitely lower in the front.  To rake, or not to rake?


Rolling the car onto the road, I realized the 100km trip back home from Dan’s house will be a cringefest.  Having not driven a lowered vehicle for around 8 months, there are many habits I developed that are not low car friendly.  I will say that driving a dumped Subaru is MUUUCCHH easier.  Oil pans and control arms were never a wear item on the Subaru.


I’ve put on a little over 1000kms on the Broadways and I can say with confidence that the ride is fantastic.  I’ve set them to full stiff as I’m still weary of oil pan clearance.  Even at that setting its able to soak up many bumps and divots on the highway, and absorbs any imperfections I see on local roads.  Obviously, a really low coilover setup will not ride as soft as a stock setup.  But a great stiff ride can be just as comfortable.  It’s also girlfriend approved.  “I think it rides better than the Subaru”.  While Dave’s girlfriend says “comfy for a lowered car, especially of that age”.


6 thoughts on “The E34 Gets Broadway Static Equipped.

  1. Hey man, I’m an instagram follower of your feed and I must say that it is one of my favorites! I am also a fellow e34 owner and was looking at buying these coilovers for mine. 2 questions for you, what needed to be cut with the struts in one of the photo’s above? And did you get custom spring rates from BS, if so what were they? If you don’t mind my asking. I am going for a similiar loook to that of yours; probably not quite as low however. Thanks in advance

    1. Heyooo,

      Found this:

      BWS is similar. The entire tube is to be cut off and replaced with the housing from the first pic on our post. The BWS tube doesnt slip over the existing tube.

      My rates are 16K. Above that and you’d need to get Swift Springs. If you go with BWS, email them first, and ask for the rear bottom coilover mount to be lengthened. I had to get new ones that were 2 inches longer. Because the rear sat too low. Just say similar to the Scraped Crusaders modified set. They’ll know.

  2. How far down on adjustment are you in the final pictures? Looking at coilover options for my e34 wagon and I’m curious if these go any higher.

    1. lol, alll the way up in the rear. Fronts have like 2-3 inches to go. You’ll be grinding control arm and pan long before you run out of threads in the fronts.

      The image below, the rear bottom mount (the cup that screw onto the shock) i ended up ordering new ones that were 2 inches longer. I need the adjustability to raise it in the winter. It’ll still go lower than I ever need.

      This is on 17s, with 215 40 and 225 45s, all the way up before I got the longer lower mounts. It tucked 17s.×682.jpg

      Email me if you want Broadway’s contact info for more details.

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