H2Oi 2014 – BMW Meet


After last years pretty successful E30/early BMW meet, we decided to replicate the meet but on a smaller scale.  It was now 5 series oriented, since Bron and I both drive one.  We had only planned on having 10-15 cars as we were both just looking to meet other e34 owners.  But it quickly grew on Instagram and we knew we were getting a bigger meet then initially planned. The plan was to hold the meet at the lot behind BJ’s restaurant.  However the owners were none too please.  So Rose’s seemed like the best alternative.  Predicably we were swiftly kicked out of there too. 🙁


@see_trees, @patrickw5 and @saeed87    e34 Instagram brethren


When I made it back to 75th after Rose’s our street was pretty packed with BMW.  I was told by Mauncho this was on the light side.  A few minutes earlier he was hard at work rerouting cars to Rose’s while dealing with the owner’s of BJs.  All in all, in was poorly planned on our part.

h237 h239 h238 h240

@willem’s bagged M5 trailering an e30.

h241 h242



Unfortunately, the meet was not how we had hoped.  We should have chosen a much bigger lot.  We also should have made a proper back up plan (other than Rose’s).  Let’s hope next year goe better.

One thought on “H2Oi 2014 – BMW Meet

  1. Awesome looking old skool bmw’s would be great to see a bmw meet of this quality over here in the uk .feels like were missing out on some bad boy bmw’s from our childhood .MY all time favourite was the e30 m3 even tho all the ones over here were left hookers and useless at a mcdonald’s drive thru lol (all on the right in the uk ) we’ve got a 1993 bmw soft top were just about to restore and these cars have made us want to get it started asap,its a car i knew as an 18 year old raver back in the day as the owner of the local rave club “The Eclipse Coventry” used to swagger around in it asa a wanna be gangstaaaaa lol ,now we have it a 1 owner low mileage car as he jailed for 7 yrs for fraud so the car was parked up in a lock up garage from 1996 to 2012 and then we bought it on the cheap .cant wait to get it started and get some pics online for the bmw fanatics to to see . As we are a vehicle breakers here in the uk we are hoping to get a few more cabrio’s in to help us restore this beautiful but ( sad at the moment looking car ) anyway thanks for giving us the inspiration to get this project started with your images of the 2014 bmw meet .

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