FITTED 2015 via Gill


There are 3 staples in our year.  Eurokracy, H20i and Fitted.  We’ve been attending FITTED for over 4 years now, going back to the second ever Stretch and Poke event at Lakeshore.  We’ve gone from casual attendees to now being able to bring 2 builds and a booth.  This year we had Danny’s 1.8T swapped E30 and Steve’s FormulaD Canada E46.   She’s a work in progress but she’s still on schedule for the first event on June 20. and for a drift expo at Eurokracy.


The show is put on by David Soo and his friends who put tons of work into giving us a great show.  I can’t wait for the show at Ontario Place.  Which, I think will make for a bigger better venue.


Speaking of bigger and better, that can describe Dave’s car this year.  The man behind, was in an unfortunate accident last year in his Mazda 3.  But a fresh slate allowed him to upgrade into a MazdaSpeed3 and MTechina wheels.   Lip on lip is where it’s at.


U MAD BRO?  Local cops were though.  As one that loves crazy camber and mega stretched tires I love these cars, but at the same time I completely understand why plates are yanked.


Miata is always the answer.  Regular Jalopnik readers will agree.  It’s still mind boggling how many great Quebec builds there are.


Getting your car into Liberty VIP is a pretty big deal in the VIP scene.  We have a few local members included Aiden’s IS.  Looking at this Acura with radiused fenders and Luxury Abstract wheels its easy to see why they accepted this build.


The Subaru XV.  NOT a car you see modified often….or ever.  A good drop and great wheels, really makes this platform look aggressive.  Props for going different.


E36s are pretty cliche nowadays as are Sawblades but I love the combo still.  The LTW wing and front lip really complete the OEM plus look.  Sometimes I want to trade my E34 for and E36.


Its not FITTED if we don’t see Carm’s E30.  Still our second favourite local E30.  We’re forever biassed towards Danny’s.


DirtyNailBloodyKnuckles has come from small beginnings to become one of the leading automotive artists in the modified scene.  I tried the whole Illustrator thing for a few months to realize pumping out constant content is far outside of my attention span.

We’ll be posting a few more batches of pics from Tylyr and Lucas.

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