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With the first Canadian formula drift event fast approaching our friend Steve, (@moneygangsteve) is working at graveyard schedule in order to get the car completed for testing. This latest update is a big one in terms of styling, when Steve decided to step into the big leagues he also wanted to make sure the car looked the part.


Steve approached me to do the livery and I instantly jumped at the opportunity, as my graphic knowledge and previous experience had been limited to items of smaller 2D scale. There was a steep learning curve to overcome, but I was looking forward to the challenge.


We talked frequently about what Steve’s vague-vision of what the car would look like: he really enjoyed the asymmetrical liveries often worn on the Need For Speed cars; In classic BMW fashion he also enjoyed the vintage liveries from the DTM/ITCC; he also wanted to give it some japanese flair to keep the atheistic in-line with the sport.


On top of all that, we needed to do it on a budget. As much as style is important, it doesn’t mean anything if the car can’t keep up with the competition.


After many renditions and tweaking, we settled on the final look. Steve soon mentioned he wanted the car livery to be completed for the fast approaching Formula Drift Canada tech/media day.


It was a big time crunch, I arrived at steve’s shop with the freshly cut vinyl at 7pm the night before he had to leave for Quebec. We worked through the entire night weeding and applying the livery to the car, slowly watching it come together.


With the two of us juggling our schedules – we managed to pick-up the material, cut, weed and apply within a 48 hour time period. This was only possible because of the help of our friends. A big thanks to Mitchy’s Speed Shop for letting us use the vinyl plotter on short notice, and everyone that came by to help/hangout through the night.


The best part of the whole experience was witnessing how amped Steve was getting after we applied each sticker. All his the time and effort he’s spent over these past months can now look the part while makes his final push to give his machine a heart capable for the highest level of competition within Canada.

ls10 ls1

Words and Pictures by: Lucas Stanois (@lucasstanois)

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