Eurokracy Kruise 2015 and Arrival

2015 marks the 3rd running of our Kruise to Eurokracy.   We usually have 7-8 of our own crew plus 20-30 cars by the time we get to Montreal.  This year we TRIED to lead the cruise in Steve’s tow rig.  But apparently our 120kmph speed was too slow for a bunch of the cruise who blew past us.   Either way, its always more fun to travel in a big gaggle of cars than by yourself for 5 hours.  I thought I’d miss driving this year, but riding in a big comfortable SUV with AC has its perks.


This thing gets more looks than any car I’ve ever driven or riden in.  Racecars>showcars apparently.


First stop, Trenton ONRoute.  It was good to have Matt’s A4 back on our Kruise.  His new Audi RS wheels look great.  As with most years, the amount of photos we take are lacking.  I think the need for food and washroom breaks keep our minds occupied.  I was lucky enough to grab what I can.


I think the best part about cruising is just spending the time with friends.   People who road trip will understand this.  Theres someone different about stops during a long trip. The anticipation, of food and relief.  Both somehow are just better on road trips.


Accurate depiction of the feelings felt by both sexes during our cruise.  The men happy, the woman are day dreaming about shopping the next day.


The parking lot at the Eurokracy Holiday Inn is THE place to get drunk Friday night.  I put this to the test and paid dearly on Saturday morning.  As I do every year at Eurokracy.  You`d think I`d learn by now.


Pictured, we can see my old camera carried by Mauncho,  I really hope he can put it to good use and send us some pics from his endeavors in Ottawa.


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