Cars and Coffee July

Cars and Coffee July is in the books.  As per usual I was able to see a car that I normally would not see.  The Lancia Integrale Evo, below looked amazing in red.   By todays standards the 220hp isn’t much but 25 years ago it took hatchbacks to another level.


This Chevrolet Acadian is also a rare sight.  Offered to Canada only.  it’s a rebadged Chevy Nova.  I loved the colour.


My industrial design teacher from college entered the world of roadsters recently with the purchase of this Alfa Romeo Spyder.   Surprisingly in great shape, I hope it gives him years of happy cruising.


I also caught up with Dave from Stanceiseverything.  His MS3 looking as good as ever.


The inner Porsche fanboy in me comes out every Cars and Coffee.  I can’t resist capturing all the 911s.  Especially nein93s  🙂


Bippu Lexus.  Not something I  expected to see last Sunday.  I absolutely love big LSes with two tone paint jobs.  Something to clean and retro.    Hopefully I’ll catch some more cars next month.


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