Garage 16 BBQ

Maybe I’m biased because I used to own a Subaru, but the JDM parts shop definitely put on better shows that the Euro shops in the GTA.  I may be biased again as the JDM shops always offer free food and drinks.

I also have a soft spot for clean EFs.  Or THE cleanest EF.   While I do live EKs, DC2s and other Hondas they’ve been forever tarnished by the ricer crown from my high school years.

Now, big body Lexus I can get behind.  If I weeren’t in a BMW I’d probably be in a Lexus.


While I like the second gen more, its refreshing to see someone put work into a first gen.  Even better when its right hand drive


I think old trucks are one of the few car niches that everyone can get behind.  Even the ricer crowd would drive an old truck.  Can’t wait to see what will be doing to theirs.


Trendiest.  Yes, I like big wings and flares but I’m on the cusp of growing weary of them.



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