Majestics – Luxurious BBQ Pt.1


The Majestic Luxurious BBQ is now officially my favourite annual BBQ/car meet.   It gathers all of the local lowriders from the GTA along with a few from below the border. I’ve always loved lowriders from a far.  We see them in youtube videos, magazines, TV shows and movies.  Jay Leno produced a great video recently, showcasing their extensive work and intricacy. LINK  Getting a good up close look at these amazing machines was a great way to spend a Saturday.  It made Humber Bay Park look like a scene from a Cypress Hill video.  I tried convincing as many friends as I could to come out.  I was only able to get Matt, Stu and Preet.  We also met up with Chris from Stance Is Everything.  Hopefully with the photos Chris, Preet and I took, we’ll be able to convince more to come out next year.


maj64From what N.W.A. tells me, Impalas are the cars of choice when your putting hyrdos on.  And from the amount of them on Saturday I could have almost made a post of entirely Impalas.  It’s almost sad the Chevy is now giving the Impala such a disservice with the current iteration of the car.  As with most lowriders, the paint is overly important.  This isn’t the VAG scene where you can get away with a rat look.  You won’t find colours this vibrant in other subcultures.  The green on the Impala below was incredible.


maj44Cadillacs are another favourite in the Lowrider world.  Pretty much any big American car from the 60s to 80s will work, but some just work better than others.  I have a soft spot for these Devilles.  They have the Donnie Brasco feel to them that I can’t ignore.  Normally, no one should ever be forgiven for owning a car with a landeau top but these Devilles and Fleetwords pull it off.



If if isn’t a Cadillac or an Impala, it’s most likely a G-body.  Which you might know better as Buick Regals, Chevy Monte Carlos and Malibus, Olds Cutlesses or Pontiac Grand Prixs.  The lowrider crowd just seems to like the styling of these cars.   The small compact coupes lend themselves well to the small wire wheels.  And they also seem to be the most popular hoppers, so the short wheel base probably plays into that.  Also they just look cool.


Hardpose tippin’


Impalas, Caddies and G-bodies.  I took enough photos to showcase just those cars for the first post.  I’ll have a chance to post more very soon.

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