The Scraped Crusaders’ B34TER

There are certain things in life that just go together.  Things that go together so often, they’ve become ubiquitous. The case for BBS and BMW can be made but the results rarely disappoint.  So what if the combination has been done before.  That does not and should not change the verdict of the results.  New and creative builds bring the modified car community forward, but classic modifications keep them alive.   I’ve gone with the classic.  You just can’y go wrong with OEM silver RSs and a black BMW.  I was finally able to do a photoshoot with the B34TER.  With the help of Preet, we captured some decent photos.

b349 b3410

She’s still missing some tow hook  covers.  I should probably get on that.   I also have to swap out my lights.


Still repping the SEVEN Automotive banner.


Universities always make good shooting locations.  London, Ontario isn’t good for much outside of WesternU.


No flex zone.


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