86 Day 2015 at Cyrious Garage

August, 6th,  86 Day in the car community.  The AE86 authority in Mississauga is definitely Cyrious Garage.  Having campaigned their coupe for numerous years in DMCC and FD Pro2.  Every year they open up their shop on this day for a small pop up meet.  And pretty much every 86 in the GTA showed up.  Cars I never see at shows or at tracks, mysteriously show up here.  They even come in via tow truck as I witnessed myself.

Pat’s current drift machine.  Their Scion FRS with a 2j, obviously.


THE 86, that day for me was this coupe.  I’m not typically a coupe fan but can you argue with the huge wing, huge splitter , TEs, flares and diffuser?  It’s full out time attack, for the streets.


This is more my style.  Black on white hatch.  This, along with the GC8 Impreza were my high school crushes.  Sure enough when time came around to buying a first car, these things were way overpriced.  Maybe one day I`ll re-explore AE ownership.

Even though, it was 86 day, EVERYONE`s attention was on the Cyrious Garage built Camaro.  650NA LS, nitrous, bags, widebody, and lots and lots of carbon fibre.  Its a hot rod, Trans Am, pro touring mix.  I can`t wait to see the finished product.

8633 8632

You can`t take Devo anywhere.  He insists on hardposing with everything,


GTA based social media leaders Dave (Stanceiseverything) and Chris (DirtyNailsBloodyKnuckles) came out as well.  Dave`s MS3 looking sharp as ever.  And Chris` NSX.  Well it`s an NSX on WORKs.  It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.

862 867

As if owning the Camaro isn’t enough.  The same person also owns this single turbo 997 “Carrera RS”.  It’s received a full GT3 RS suspension swap, 3.8L swap and HREs.

One car I never expect to see at meets or shows is the 5th gen Celica.  It just wasn’t Toyota’s greatest moment.  It was too tamed compared to the outgoing model.  But this track ready example looks the part.  All black, with some meaty tires and race car accoutrements actually work well.  Kudos.


Starlets on the other hand I DID expect to see.  Back when hatchback were cool and rwd.  I wish a manufacturer had the balls to do a small RWD hatch these days.  I’m talking a Yaris, Sentra, Polo and the like.

8613All in all a variety of cars showed up.  Fox bodies, a couple muscle cars, a few low riders, some bimmers.  This is how a meet should be handled.  No shitboxes (except maybe the E30 below lol), no loud obnoxious music, no idiots, no cops.


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