Porsche Centre Oakville

There was little notice, if any, of this Porsche meet at Porsche Centre Oakville.  I only learned about it on Instagram.  I’m glad I went through with it though.  Albeit a tad late, I was told by Mauncho and Kurt (from Krazyhaus) that I had missed a good amount of cars.


The classics were out.   Typically I like blue cars but the green, yellow, orange and white all had me doubting my regular choice.


Singer Vehicle Design. The Toronto Car.  The internet tells me this is coolest car of the last year or two.  Apparently thinking otherwise brings out the keyboard/touchscreen warriors.  They’re great machines, I just don’t like how they look.   I do not like the proportions attributed to the Singer. The flares and bigger wheels just don’t gel with me.  RSR flares look great on the 911 classic, and Turbo flares look great on the 930 and 964.  These are neither.  The wheel wells are too big, thus the wheels are too big also.  They look like inflated 911 Classics. Also at the end of the day its a $500k 964 (usually a base C2 or C4).   Give me a long nose 911, narrow style RWB or Outlaw style or an RSR clone, along with the left over $300K+ any day of the week. BUT that’s just my opinion, and I can’t afford any of thses cars, so what do I know?  The interior and engine bay however, is pretty damn slick.


Mario’s 964.  No these are not RFs.  I had to idea what these wheels were so I had to ask him.  They are RW wheels, with custom flat caps.  They are the only set I’ve ever seen and they are glorious. I think this is now my favourite stanced 964.


These “Outlaw” Porsche coined my Emory, made even more famous by Magnus Walker.   Outlaw Porsches are cars modified with non traditional mods or parts or adorn non colour matched bumpers.  They tend to use a more race car look and overal have massive appeal.  They are a slap in the face to traditional 911 purists, and I LOVE them.

The exact opposite of an Outlaw Porsche would probably be this RS.  A car no one in their right mind would dream of modifying.  They’re incredibly understated but the Porsche fan boy will tell you how rare these are.  The first RS since the 2.7 RS.  They came with an aluminum hood, magnesium wheels, no AC, no sound deadening, no power windows, and no electric seats. Basically, you paid Porsche to give you less.  Now these cars are going for north of $250K.  Not bad for a what really looks like a stock C2.


It’s almost weird seeing RH cup on something that isn’t a Volskwagen.


The only modern 911 that I took a picture of.  I THINK its a Techart kit.  All in all, I was glad I woke up early, not as early as I should have been, to make it out to Oakville last Saturday.   I love the sound of PCars in the morning.


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