FITTED Ontario Place

FITTED Ontario Place was a great show.  The organizers decided a second venue  to compliment their Brampton show.  I thought the location they chose worked out well.  Its a central location is much easier to get to than the Brampton one.   I really need to work on mixing up my photo angles.  I only realized once editing these that a lot of the shots look similar.


I don’t feel Nextmod should be allowed to bring this Supra out to shows.  It’s just too good.


The same can be send for Steve’s Acura TL.  The paintwork and true VIP styling, set this Acura apart from the rest.


Brian’s EK Civic is another great build.  It may look similar to years past but those that take an upclose look can see the same changes that are added every year.


Can’t have a show without some Bimmers.  Andrew’s E46 caught our eye in particular.  We needed reassurance from Andrew himself that it is indeed static.  FITTED Lifestyle must have liked it as well, as they awarded it first place static.  I would have chosen it too.


Can you believe that red is a wrap?


Domo arigato.  Some Works, NISMO bits, and VIP style lights.  I liked this 350Z more than I like most of the other ones.


Third Gen Imprezas are normally hit or miss for me.  This one is a huge hit for me.  The body kit, wheels and bags add up to a nice setup.


A…MAZYN.  I love this EL.  It’s not often these days you see metal flares on any car, let alone an EL.  Not to mention the awesome colour.


I have a soft spot for the 987/987c.  Dan’s Cayman ticks all the boxes for me.  Great stance and great colour combo.  Not to mention the car sounds amazing in his instagram videos. (@987s.dan)


I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  Something was different about Manolo’s Z4.   He told me it was a new front bumper.  Seemed so obvious, right after me told me.  That new bumper, with the lip looks fantastic.


If Coolest Van was an award at any show, this Previa would win.  Amazing colour, bagged and sporting Aiden’s old wheels. The owner drove this all the way from Chicago.  It wasn’t without incident though.  They had oil leak that required top ups very very often.  Fortunately fro everyone, they made it.


This Matrix was also from Chicago.  No where near a car that I would concsider a show regular.  But this example was exceptionally well put together.


WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSE??    They were real though.   All in all, I liked the new venue addition to FITTED Brampton.  I’ll definitely be back next year.

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