Scraped Crusaders’ Favourite Ride FITTED 2015

Judging a show usually results in a bunch of sore losers bitching about how they should have placed.  This is exactly why we choose to name our award the Scraped Crusaders Favourite Ride. Favourites are not put through the ringers of a scaled judging system.  We just pick the car that fits our mantra, or one we’d love to own or one we’d love to abuse on the track.  It differs from show to show.  The car just has a certain je nai se quoi, that we fall in love with on that day.  For FITTED Ontario Place we chose Jonathan Prem’s S14.


How can we not pick a static car with this fitment, over fenders and rocking a real BN Sports kit.   Not without incident though.  Following his Instagram feed it seems the front bumper and canards has gone through quite a few scrapes and repairs.  Of course, raising the car would help this situation in the future, but we don’t feel Mr.Prem is that kind of person.


Weds Kranze wheels only work on cars with massive dish and insane fitment.  Its just one of those wheels that look weird on a less aggressive setup.  No concern for that here.


Jonathan showing of his award.  WORK Hard, Roll Harder.


Weds, Brembo, 326 Power, BN Sports, Yokohama.  There’s probably more money in this pic than what the E34 is worth.  Extra props for driving this home too.  We saw a few cars pack up onto a trailer to head home.  We’re not fans of trailer queens.  Unless its a race/driftcar.


We blocked the entire road for cars, and forced people to walk around the shoot too.  It seems that if you look the part, people will just think you have permission and will happily walk around.  We even received a few apologies, when they walked into our shots unaware.   I think we’ll put this technique to use in future shoots.


Jonathan asked us to make the car as purple as possible.  In certain light the car really shows as black.  We tried to make it as purple as possible.


Failed in this image though.


When you think your car (BMW in the background) is low, then you see this up close.  🙁  This is my favourite photo, I’m happy with how it turned out.


The amount of butt clenching I’d be doing while driving this BN kit so low,  would cause my anxiety levels to sky rocket.


Private property.  Congrats Jonathan, and thanks for letting us grab a few shots of the car.  Can’t wait to see the changes for next season!

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