VagKraft 2015

When your friends are all VW fanboys you simultaneously grow an appreciation and a hatred for all things Volkswagen.  You appreciate the builds and comradery.  You hate the constant VW talk and the unwarranted brand elitism and fetishism. I’m fairly certain if I were friends with a group of people in another car niche, I’d have the same feelings for them but I digress. The awesome builds like the swapped Mk1 below (that was awarded with our Favourite Ride Trophy a few years ago at Eurokracy) is the reason I still go to the VW shows.  They’re still good for a few great builds.  What I hate are the cookie cutter Mk4s I see on fake RSs, with owners who think their cars on Racelands is some how better than every EM Civic.  This is why I end up taking more photos of the non VWs at VagKraft.  Also I refuse to include Porsches into the VAG family.  Just because you;re under the same umbrella now doesn’t give you the entire back catalogue.


I also love @hemans4’s S4.  Still can’t get around how this thing is static.


This 930 is damn near perfection.  Maybe the classic 911 and 930 bubbles will burst soon and these will go dirt cheap.  Hahaha, not likely.



As dumb as the 911 market is I think the most overvalued car is the E30 M3.  I’m hoping it brings E34 prices up to though 🙂



If this amount of work went into a Mk3 I’m sure there would have been way more people around it taking a look.  #allbrandsmatter


Another Vagkraft in the books.  It’ll probably be my last if they don’t weed out the garbage cars.  If you let in stock Mk3s and Mk4s into a show, its a meet not a show.

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