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After ranting last week about brand fetishists at VAGkraft I’m writing this week about the Porsche Concours event in Burlington a few weeks back.   Suffice, to say there are certain occasions where brand elitism is condoned.

Classic 911:  The icon that started the 50 year plus span of 911s. I’ve always split the 911 from ’63-’74 (classic) and the late ones from ’75 -’89 (930/SC/Carreras).  Technically they’re all the same car, but the visual differences are too big for me to clump into one. I still can’t pin point a favourite gen.  It seems to correlate with whatever 911 is circulating on Instagram that week.  Magnus Walker’s 911s, other outlaw-esque machines and earlier RSR builds have my interests pointed to the classic 911.   I love the simplicity and versatility behind them. They look great on factory Fuchs (maroon) or great on steelies (red), and even better on a motor sports setup (black), albeit Fuchs again.  The black 911 (Pendulum) is precisely why I like the Classic.  You can turn a well used 911  into a great daily driver.  There’s no need to fully restore a car to enjoy it.  The grungy exterior allows you to express you personality on your car and actually enjoy driving it.   I’m sure the owners of the yellow and maroon cars enjoy their cars too, but I’m fairly certain the amount of mileage they see are far less. Just less things to worry about with an outlaw build.

pca13 pca16 pca64pca7

930/SC/Carrera:  The 911 turns into a supercar.  The Turbo in its heyday was just that.  The wide arches of the Turbo adorned many teenage bedrooms.  And the big horsepower combined with turbo lag and lift-off oversteer wrapped many of them around trees and light poles.  These factors gave it the “widowmaker” monikor.  Again there are days when I like the Classic, then other days I like the 930.  You really can’t go wrong with either.  Especially after seeing the red Turbo below.  The red paint, impact bumpers, Fuchs and T-tray.  Its the quintessential 930.  Some might argue the silver is more synonymous with the Turbo but I think the red fits it more.  While the base SC/Carrera 2.7/3.0/3.2s  were still known as 911s, I clump them closer to the 930 solely based on visual cues.  Porsche really should have given the ’75-’89 911s a new chassic code.


Being the late 70’s and early 80’s there were many quirky features and variants to the 930/911.  Including the side vents, wider arches and the rockers on this Targa.


You can’t talk about 70’s and 80’s variants and not mention the slantnose.  Looking at the plate and over hearing a few conversation I came away with the inkling that this particular car is a multiple award winner and is very very special.


The Turbo really does steal the spotlight away from the SC/Carreras.  But there always room in my heart for narrow body Porsches.  You can’t build them all with wide hips.


964:  The 911 goes modern.  The 930 and Classic were still very raw.  Luxury and refinement made the 964 livable yet formidable.   There’s a reason Singer uses these are their base chassis.  For me, black Turbo 964s will forever remind me of Bad Boys.  #limitededition


While I love stanced 964s I’m almost glad the Turbos are so expensive because they definately look better with motorsports inpried modifications and stance.  The Black one above is damn near perfections.  Yet Mario’s White C2 below is exactly how I’d setup a narrow body.  You really need to look at the capabilities and duties of the car to assess the best wheel/tire combo.


993/996/991:  There weren’t enough example of each gen to warrant splitting them further.  The last aircooled, is the last 993 according to the “purists”.  But in my books you’re not a real Porsche fan unless you can love the entire catalogue.  You need to realize the modern Porsche family would not exist without the money brought in by the insanely successful Cayenne and Panamera.   You need to sell fleet to make toys.


Is there a wheel that fits the 993 better than RH Cups?

The Lot: As with every car show I’ve ever been to, there is always content worthy cars in the parking lot.  This race prepped 964, really should have made it onto the concours grass.


I’m slightly out of place here.


The Others:  I’ve always had a soft spot for 944s.  A great blend of 80’s styling and FR layout.  These are way faster and imposing than they are perceived to be.


When Porsche went American.  V8, Front engined, RWD.  There are constant rumours of a new 928, we’ll see if those ever come to fruition.


Hands down, the star of the show was the 2.7RS.  Woman driven and every bit as wonderful as I pictured a real 2.7RS to be.  I made sure to take pictures earlier in the morning as I assumed there would be crowds around this machine the rest of the day.

pca62 pca26

I was right.  It’s not everyday you see a seven figure 911.  I really enjoyed the Porsche Concours event,  it’s opened my eyes towards attending more classis car shows, which I plan on attending more.


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