Berlin Klassik 2015

The new benchmark for Ontario.  Organizing and operating a car show is becoming harder and harder.  The numbers in attendance and participation seems to drop year over year.  Luckily there are a few shows that still attract the crowds.  For the Euro scene in Ontario is Berlin Klassik.


It was very windy and slightly cold that day but that didn’t diminish the crowd and competitors as much as I thought it would.  I’m glad as i was able to grab pics of these 4 gorgeous machines.  The blue TDI swapped MK1 is perhaps my new favourite local VW.


This VR swapped Mk1 isn’t bad either.


As is this Jetta, which we’ve posted a numerous times before.


Light green and gold.  Not a combination that works well on paper.  But this Scirocco pulls its off.  From the outside it they may just look like old stock VWs on BBS wheels, but there is something to say about all the work that goes into a swap and into the upkeep on bodies this old.  Keeping an old VW rust free isn’t easy.


If not even easy keeping a Mk4 rust free.  Jiven’s Mk4 is probably my fave….for more reasons than one.

As ever, I spent more time taking photos of the BMWs than the more numerous VW portion.


Berlin Klassik is one of the few if not only local show to have a category suitable for my heap.  So I decided to show her off.  There was an Alpina and a few other clean E34s so I had no chance at placing.


Sia’s Alpina pretty much mops up the floor at every show.  It’s almost unfair for other e28 competitors.

6 figures.  Thats the territory E30 M3s are heading to.  That kind of return would mean these M3s would have been a better investment 10 years ago than many stocks options.



Every year at H20 there are a handful of cars that surface on social media far more than the rest.  There is no formula behind this.  It isn’t the coolest VW most years.  It’s just what the people want.  This year this Mercedes 500/560SEC Koenig Widebody was plastered all over every big Instagram account that was present in Maryland.  I guess 80’s retro styling is a hit again.  Wouldn’t mind seeing some more Gembella, Strosek and Koenig kits locally.


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