Cars and Coffee Closer

As show season wound down, I needed one last Cars and Coffee fix.  After initially cancelling all Setptember C&C events, the Engineered Automotive decided to host one last show in October. I obviously couldn’t miss it.  It was the last opportunity to bring out the E34, see a few friends before winter hibernation and check out some classics.


I bought this car just under 2 years ago in rough shape.  It was cheap and abused enough for me to keep as a winter beater/daily.  A car I should not grow attached to.  Fast forward 2 years and here I am, putting the car away for winter.  She’s in need of a few paint touch ups, some new headlights, a new lip, interior cleaning and detailing, some bushings, and some new steering components again, (why BMW made these with steering boxes I have no idea). Maybe I’ll have some of those checked off the list for the spring.

The last thing I want is the e34s replacement (98 e36 328i sedan) is to go into a full drift/track build like this thing.  Some coilovers, and wheels I already have should provide enough fun.  Hopefully.


With car sizes increasing every year since the 90’s maybe we’ll get back to the days of these land yachts? #CREMPUF


I like this Jetta too much to not capture it again at C&C.  #OUTDATED


Chris’ NSX fits right at home at Cars and Coffe or any tuner show.  Its 0ne of the few Japanese cars that is universally loved.  #dirtynailsbloodyknuckles


ccf7I feel every show that has more than one Porsche, I automatically gravitate towards all of them.  The first ones I saw was this trio.  A 964 Turbo and two 928s.  I still don’t understand why some people hate the 928.  Its a German Corvette, that looks miles better than the C4.  Whats not to love?  #riskybusiness




There are certain combos that work on ever car.  Red cars and gold mesh wheels, work and will forever work.


IMO the 930 below, doesn’t work.  The wheels are too big and I hate those side skirts.  But its a 930, a car that I cant afford, so what do I know?



I thought I’d get tired of this car as I see it a handfull of times though the summer.  The answer is no, the Compomotives pull me in every time.


Similar can be said for this car.  Something about Outlaw 911s that gets my blood flowing.  I think I was overwhelmed by the Porsches again and forgot to grab photos of the other cars.   Check out’s coverage for all the cool stuff I missed.


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