Year In Review 2015

Happy New years!  We’re taking a belated look back at some of our favourite photos and articles from our past year.  Some shows, some builds, some drifting, some classics, some modern.  We did a lot of everything.


The progress and development of the MoneyGang Drift Team was substantial.  Steve went from a street car (e30) to a full tilt FD spec E46 with an M52 Turbo.  At the start of the year the car was barely finished.  No motor, no livery, no cage, just a rolling classic and not much else.   But if you know Steve, you know he manages to pull something out of the bag in short fashion.   From January to May’s unveiling at Fitted, the car was completed on a measly budget with only help from a few friends.  Even with all the trials and tribulations of undergoing a full build just before the season, Steve managed to compete in all the rounds against much more experienced and budget backed teams.  I can’t wait to see his progress this year.
First Look
First Update
Continued Build


Devo was really enthusiastic about writing in depths articles about his personal involvement and opinions about the local drift scene.  It turns out people really like words and opinions.  Including a link share from Jalopnik.
Lost in the Build
Weekend in the Gridlife
What Ite Really Takes


Fitted, one of our two staples through out the year.  We never miss a FITTED event.  Its really the only show in the GTA that showcases the best builds without allowing the riffraff in.  Its also the only show that we present an award.  It goes to the well deserving Jonathan Prem and his S14.
FITTED Ontario Place
Favourite Ride


Eurokracy, was more or less a blur.  Not because the show lacked anything.  I was overwhelmed by the amount of people and cars the show has grown by since its inception.  Also I was pretty loaded the whole weekend.  Riding shotgun with Steve, let me consume levels of alcohol by body couldn`t handle.  The process will be repeated this year.
Kruise and Arrival


This year Bronson and I finally got our E34s to a look we were happy with.  Style5s and throwing star replicas weren’t cutting it.  We upgraded to Rikens (16×9.5) and BBS RSs (17×9.5/10.5).


Local lowriders provide us with what I consider the OG stance scene.  Just way better, more intricate, cooler, expensive, whatever other verbs you want to use.
Luxurious Pt1
Luxurious Pt2


Cyrious Garage.  The guys behind Canada`s most notable drift team.  They open their doors for 86 Day.  Where every 86 in the GTA comes out of the woodwork, then go hide for an entire year.
86 Day


Cars and Coffee.  The place I go to to get free coffee and walk leisurely amongst 6 figure cars.  I should buy more lottery tickets.
Season Opener
C&C July


I made it my perogitive to go to more Pcar related events.  While I enjoyed the amount of Porsches, knowing I will never own a 2.7RS makes me sad.
Porsche Centre Oakville
PCA Concours


Car show rise or die.  There were a few car shows that I wish I hadn`t gone to.  Vagkraft is the made of the same 100 cars every year or kids who think their stock Mk3 on Racelands is good enough to show.  The BMWTrue North show, while there were a huge number of cars to show, it seemed closer to a new car lot than a custom car show.  Berlin took over as the only other (FITTED) show that I`d go out of my way to attend.  Content and attendance numbers were great.


2016, more BMWs more Broadway more vectors.  Hopefully we`ll have another 4 BMWs on Broadways.  I won`t name who, in case they change their minds.  but my E36 will be getting a set.  We`ll see how they behave on the track.
The New Beater


My new years resolution is to make some vector art prints available starting with this one.  Happy new years and stay tuned for more content from Scraped Crusaders.

money gang face e46


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