Slippery Slope.

The e36 was in need of some major bushing love.  The front lollipop bushings were non existent.  It made for eventful driving.  So I took it to Moneygang Steve to put in some lollipops, tie rods and control arms………..and weld the diff.  I had considered welding the diff earlier, but there was no real need.  I wasn’t sure I was keeping the e36 this summer.  So I couldn’t really plan out any drifting, autocrossing or lapping events.  Then Steve let me drive his missile to pick up lunch.  A few sideways corners later, I texted him right away and told him I wanted the diff welded.  It was the perfect sales job by him I guess.   This may be the start of the slippery slope that takes me to racing seats, hydro brakes and angle mods.

Out with the old.  The Cosmis wheels were sold later that day.

In with the older?  With 4 of the 6 Cosmis wheels sold, Lorinser replacements were bought for the front.  The exact wheel setup for 2016 is still up in the air though.


Nothing kills a car like one season of professional drifting.  It reminds me of Days of Thunder when Cole pulls up to the pits and his crew is relieved they have one panel that doesn’t need straightening.

Next door to Steve is GT Custom.  Matt is currently working on Adrian’s Passat.  He hasn’t had a running car for a while now.  The jokes are getting old.  I just want to see this thing run at least a few times before the drive line explodes.


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