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I have a  bunch of photosets to go through and edit from late last year.   I go to drift events to take photos in the pits.  That about sums up all of my trips to Shannonville.  I feel Overdraftlife has more than enough great coverage of all the drift action.  I like having a look at all the scuffs and dents that collected over the day. And in the case of the Civic at the bottom, much more than just dents.


E36s, the new S-chassis?  More and more of these keep showing up at Topp.  Hopefully with some practice and confidence I can join that crowd at Shanny.  This is Kristoff’s 2.0L screamer.  A few suspension, steering, and weight loss mods are more than enough to have loads of fun.  After a full season at this level, some motor swap sweetness is in the works this winter.


Steve’s missile aka winter beater.  It was a bit of a game changer for me.  I’ve always wanted to drift, but never really wanted to dive head first into that money pit.  That all changed after I drove this heap to get lunch.  There isn’t much into this car.  Yet a 5 minute drive was all it took for me to know I wanted my beater e36 to go down a similar path.  Steering mods, Tuning Art coils, welded diff, hydro setup and not much else. My diff was welded by the end of that same day.  And cheap TA Technix (same as Tuning Art) coils were ordered yesterday.  They have shock height adjustment and stiffer rates than Racelands.  And having driven this car, I think they’ll be good enough.  Blame the poor Canadian dollar for this purchase.  I couldn’t justify such a big expenditure on my second car.  I still need money for tires, racing bucket, a few bushings and maybe a short shifter.  I think it’ll make for a competent daily/drifter. I just need some track time now.  Where do I buy this “driver” mod, I keep hearing about?


For whatever reason, racers and drifters do not seem to get along.  I don’t see where the quarrel is.  You both love cars, and using the same track.  Who cares how you get around it?


@rgrossiracing 2014 and 2015 CSCS SSA Time attack champion.  He used the hashtag #1000whpstreettimeattackcarcomingsoon.  So I’ll be keeping an eye on this in 2016.

Boring internet people say LS swaps and bolt on flares are over rated.  You have to realize they only seem that way because every modified car Instagram page repost the same ones over and over again.  There aren’t as many as you’d think.  There are certainly only a few over’d Miatas.  And the amount of  work, quality parts and details on this machine can only be seen in person.  Its a very impressive car.


The usual suspects.  There isn’t  ever a time a grassroots drift event will be sans S-chassic.  They make up the bulk of attendance along with 86s, and a few RX-7s.


Devo is a terrible influence.


sv11A face only a mother could love. Team Manick’s (@massimonarani) Chevy V8 swapped Volvo 780.  It started out as a great looking car, but crazy offset, random lights and missing bumper makes this one ugly duck.  Luckily it performs much better than it looks, as they qualified in first.

sv26Back to the scrapes and dents I mentioned earlier.  MUCH more than just a scrape.  This civic is destined for the wreckers.  I was told another car went overtop of it. -__-   I still have a bunch of photosets left over from 2015.   They’ll be posted shortly.



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