CIAS 2016

The internet has ruined the suspense around autoshows world wide.  There is no anticipation outside of Frankfurt, Geneva, Detroit, Paris and Tokyo.  That’s where all of the big name unveilings take place.  All of which are immediately broadcast on social media.  It was much different a 15-20 years ago.  You had to wait until physical print was available to see the new cars, or go gaze when the show tour hits your city.  There was tangible excitement in seeing the new cars in person.  Now I can catch a glimpse of the concept car on my phone via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook mere seconds after its global unveiling.  Its good for the consumer but bad for the show organizers. But what you don’t see on your phone are the small details.  You only gather a big picture look at the new car and share uninformed opinions.  You don’t get to look at all the intricacies that go into building car.  Be it a Le Mans winner or a compact hatchback or a sportscar.  There are things you only get to see in person.

ci13 ci3

All I see is this poor yellow Audi crying.

ci11 ci4

Still THE standard.


ci7ci17 ci9


ci14 ci16 ci5 ci6 ci12 ci15 ci2

Winner of the only Indy 505.  😉  Villenueve’s 95 Reynard.

ci8 ci1

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