Oktoberfest 2015


Oktoberfest in Mississauga is usually the last meet/show of the year before my winter wheels go on.  That was the case this year again.  Its the last hoorah for a bunch of us, and I was glad to say goodbye to a few people and cars until spring.   Including Dave and his Speed3.


Being “Oktoberfest”  it was a crowd of predominately German vehicles.


Guilty pleasures.  Almost all Mk3s are rust buckets, with no floors or rockers and holes in the strut towers.  But I just can’t get away from loving them for some reason.   I think the sound of VRs has me under a spell.  #lookatherbutt


Mk2 are a similar story for me.  I just love them for some reason.  Its got that 80’s boxy feel.  if only they were AWD or RWD.  #seniorchang



This is more my style.  Straight 6 and RWD.  Unfortunately this particular car found its maker via curb hop and tree/pole a few weeks after this photo.  At least thats what it looked like in the Kijiji part out ad.


The world needs for Caymans.  Dan’s Porsche is always a great site to see.


For it being so late in the year, I was sort of surprised to see this GT3 RS out and about.


Sic Ryde, never seems to miss a show.


This show rounded out the year of 2015.  Winter brought on a major lull as it usually does in Toronto.  Motorama is coming up this weekend.  It’ll mark this years ramp up of new content.  Including updates on my E36, Steve’s E46 and the rest of MoneyGang.

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