PCO Late Season Meet

That movie where the main character is helplessly watching his/her dreams slip away.  That’s what the prospect of Porsche ownership looks like with these crazy prices.  They’ve gone from “maybe one day” to “this bubble will explode soon, right?”. For now,  I’ll have to keep looking at these from this end of the camera.


And the view isn’t terrible.  There are way more 911s in the GTA than I thought.  And a lot of them are really modded nicely.  I appreciate the originals like the yellow above, and the maroon below.  But its the lightly modded ones I like most.  Wide Fuchs, ducktail, long hood and you’re good to go.  The red one below I could stare at all day.


I wouldn’t be upset having to look at this blue one all day either.  Not everyone likes impact bumpers but they can look great.


As both the blue 911 and this white 930 prove.  I’m also a sucker for those 80’s rear intake grills.  Rubber accordions and needless grills.  quintessential 80s.


NEIN93.  I’ve taken way too many photos of this 993.


I MAY be wrong but this white 993 might be the same one from the video below.  I found it yesterday while perusing r/torontodriving.  Very fortunate for him that he did not hit anything.


The last 911?  Some seem to think so.  I can get behind some of the purist mentality but if you don’t evolve your product you go extinct.

It’s hard to fathom how people can dislike 996 so much, even though it brought us these amazing  GT3s.


If I had my choice of a somewhat affordable Porsche I’d go 996 Carrera 2, Gen2 GT3 body kit and wing, dumped on BBS E88s.

Can you make a 911 sleeper?  Miro tried to.  What looks like a base Carrera, actually carries a big punch.  Via big single turbo.  Technically its way faster than it looks, so one should consider it a sleeper.  But its still a 911 at the end of the day,  they’ll be quick regardless.


997 Gt3 RSs look so weird without the front lip.


Is it wrong I want this  Cayman GT4 over a GT3?


Among the free coffees indoors were some showroom stock, and Porsche Centre Oakville’s Cup car.  It was a welcome getaway from the massive winds outside.  One gust, of which almost stole my hat.   I’m hoping with the warm weather in the near future, I can make it out to some more PCO goodness.


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