Work, Work, Work, Work

New beginnings for a bunch of us.  It may not be warm enough yet but there is no time to wait.  Show and drift season is just around the corner.   Dave is working on a VR swap and selling his diesel motor. Dan is building and parting out way too many VWs to keep track of. Adrian just needs to get his car running.  Kristoff is swapping in an M52, and upgrading many other things on his E36.  Steve is making a new manifold, upgrading his turbo, relocating his radiator among other details here and there.  Myself, I need to install coils, wheels, and bucket seat.  Then there’s Mauncho,  he’s promised to bring a “finished” car to display at our booth at FITTED.  We will see what that actually means.


Dan’s garage is full of motors, Caddy’s and too many other Audi/VW parts to even mention.   Its also where Daves motor resides.  He’ll be putting it up for sale shortly. I’d tell you what it is, but there are too many motors to keep track of.


I THINK, this is the G60 motor thats going to find its way into one of Dan’s Caddys.

I stopped by on the weekend as well.  No motor work for me.  I was in need of Dan’s welding skills, to fab me a seat bracket for my Sparco seat.  Coilovers were installed a few weeks ago.  And my wheel and tire combo of Nankang NS2R fronts and garbage rear shod on some poorly plastidipped Style 32s were installed recently.  I have to keep telling myself this is my beater vehicle and the budget should be very limited if not nil.


Kristoff, cutting some rear brake caliper brackets.   He’s got his work cut out to get everything done by the first TOPPDrift event.   I’m hoping he finds some coilovers soon.  I think that’s the only thing holding him back now.


Now on to Steve.  You’d think after building a car completely from the chassis up a year ago, the build will be relatively simple if non existant the next year.  Nope, bigger turbo, new manifold, relocated rad, new control arms, new suspension, new hood, bumper and rear quarter panel, and new paint.  There are probably a few other things I failed to mention.  Its quite more complicated than I had thought.  But with the help of BC Racing, 3Sp, Vibrant, Irace Autosports he’s well on his way to completing the car for tech day in a few weeks.  The photos below are the before shots.   We’ll update in a few weeks.


Some new BC Racing coils with 3sp control arm/angle kit.  I tried to make the moneygangrene name stick….it didn’t.  The angle on the 3SP arm are illustrated below.  I’m not even sure that’s full lock.

The car is in pieces.  Yet with full confidence, Steve is displaying the (completed) car at FITTED on May 28th at our booth.  I hope to have another update before its displayed at FITTED.   I’m looking forward to seeing you there. \\

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