“I’ll just grab some quick shots, and edit them as soon as I can.”  Not entirely verbatim but I think that’s what I said while taking these photos.  These are from the FITTED Lakeshore event.  They were put on the back burner for……. some 6-7 months.


Toronto has a lot of well represented car niches, modified vans are not one of them.  This one I believe is from the Chicago area.  So, when we do get one, I’m all over it.  These Previas hark back to the early 90’s when all vans were were curvaceous and round.  This takes it to the next level, its basically an egg on wheels. #faberage

You’re already standing out from the crowd, why not go over the top. Even if this van were black it would be turning heads. You might as well paint it purple at that point.  I just love this thing.



Another “Toyota” from the 90s.  There are not enough Soarers/SCs around.  They look awesome, they have 2Js or 1Us, and are RWD, so what’s the catch?  They’re almost ALLLL automatic.  I found only 1 manual SC in Ontario.  Its a shame.


Ever since high school I wanted the one red driver’s seat look.  There’s no explanation around it…..I just wanted one red Bride seat.  I think it was from some old Best Motoring clips maybe?


During this shoot we found out if you look the part, people will get out of your way.  We were fully blocking the bike path, but no one seem to mind much, if anything they were apologetic for getting in the way.

lt5 lt17 lt1 lt4

With warm weather around the corner, I am looking forward to more cars and more photos.

lt8 lt18

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