Money Gang BBQ

Devo and the Money Gang crew held their first BBQ a few weeks ago.  Excellent people, excellent food not so excellent weather.  All things considered it was a good way to spend a Sunday.



Kristoff, Devo and Mike all parked their cars like the cool kids do.  So I parked my poser car with theirs.  There are too many e36/e46 fuckbois in the GTA now.  We’ll see how long it takes for the market to over saturate and drive up prices like it did for the S-chassis.


The list of cars North America initially missed out on, starts with the R32.  I’m glad Canadian import laws only prohibit cars newer than 15 years as opposed to the US’s 25 year ban.  Its only now the R32s are rolling into the States, we’ve had them for 10 years now.

Nissan, Toyota and BMW.  Those are pretty much the 3 players in grassroots drifting.  Its a shame there aren’t more old rwd cars around. These 3 brands are cool, I would just like to see more diversity.


MK3 lip on all the things!  If its from the 80s- early 90s a mk3 lip will fit it.


The 86 showing wasn’t quite as good as the Cyrious 86 BBQ but we’re hoping that changes for the next Money Gang BBQ.


Where I’m hoping to get a closer look at this thing.  F22 turbo.  And judging by this Pat Cyr video, its plenty quick: LINK


The three amigos.   All parked by themselves, thinking they’re cool ;).  In all seriousness, these are probably 3 of the coolest Nissans in the GTA.  Especially with the R34 being a former Tokyo Auto Salon booth babe.


All things considered, its was a damn good BBQ.  A touch too early in the season, but you can blame the unseasonal temperatures for that.  I think Devo is working on plans for another in the near future.


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